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In Loving Memory...

There are many who have come and gone through the doors of this firehouse. Each has left a mark that will forever be a part of the history of this fire company. Some made little marks, some made big marks, but whatever their area of expertise, they each left a part of themselves...




Jim was past President, past Vice-President, Bingo Caller, egg scrambler and organizer. He was Bingo and Carnival chairman for many years. Jim was quiet and unassuming. He loved firefighting and gave his all for the good of the company.

He spent his career as a special education teacher, bringing to the table a unique ability to understand and guide people. He was a straight shooter, a hard worker and was blessed with a great sense of humor.

Jim was taken from us quite suddenly and though he is missed, his spirit is still very much alive in the firehouse.




 Jim Zona, Past President. Jimmy was a jack-of-all-trades guy who could drive a truck as easy as drive a nail. He gave his all and we're very thankful for all the effort he put into the new addition to the building. It wouldn't have happened without him. Jim was taken from us in the summer of 2008 after a bout with cancer.

His memory will go on...




Julie Kropa, Our "Aunt Julie", came to the fire company from the time of it's beginning, with her husband Gustav Kropa, back in 1948-49. After Gus's passing she stayed on as one of our Firephone Ladies.

From her house across from the firehouse and up the little knoll, she would watch over the firehouse as an Angel watches over a child... She gave alot of herself to the fire company over its 60+ year history and her presence was like sunshine to all of us. We miss her dearly...



(1938 - 2009)

Frank came to us towards the end of 2007, when he moved up to Lake Carey from Florida. He will always be remembered for his willingness to get right into the thick of things, whether in the truck bays, the bingo hall or the kitchen. He was at home anywhere in the firehouse.

He will be remembered by members and bingo players alike for his calling style and in particular for calling "N-Fooour-teeeee", in foghorn style which continues in his memory.

With a wealth of knowledge from his years at Eastman Kodak and his time in the US Army, he had much to add to the knowledge base at the firehouse. Frank was taken from us quite unexpectedly. We'll always miss his giggle, the sparkle in his eye and his helping hands. 




Joy Singer, past Secretary and past Chairman of the Board of Trustees, was a favorite Bingo Caller and all around smiley person. From the day she joined in 1982 she made it her goal to "be all that she could be" and found her niche as a medical First Responder.

She loved the fire company and was proud to serve wherever she could. The only thing she loved more were the Veterans she served at the VA Medical Center in Wilkes-Barre where she worked for 21 years as a Clinic Clerk. Every one of them was special to her.

Joy was a tough customer and battled multiple illnesses the past few years and "went with her boots on". She went on her own terms and with a smile on her face. We would expect nothing less...




Bob Roemer, past President and Past Treasurer, was a man with a great capacity for quiet leadership and business acumen. As a Man, Bob's word was indeed "his bond". To say he was an asset to the fire company is an understatement.

Bob spent his life in the business world, taking time off to join the US Army Air Corps during WWii to teach new B-17 & B-29 Pilots. Later he returned to the civilian world and served as the president of two companies before retiring to Lake Carey in the '70's with his wife, Kittie.

His legacy of leadership and responsibility has made a continued difference in the company. He's the gold standard by which certain decisions are made. We will miss his presence, and his wonderful smile, but he will always be part of us...


A Prayer for all of us

Almighty God our savior, whenever I am dispatched to serve my fellow man in times of need, I ask you,

To give me the strength and guidance to be ever alert and to be consistent within the discharge of my duties,

To be ever mindful of the welfare and safety of all I have been sworn to protect and serve,

To be fair and impartial in the treatment of all persons with whom I come in contact,

To be courteous and never be profane in words or deeds while on duty,

To strive to always be proficient with the talents which you have given me, and to always have the willingness to serve.

And, if during my service to others in times of need, it is your will that I lay down my life, bless always, with your love and guidance, my family and those I leave behind.

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